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Transition Data Service

About our Transition Data Services

infotechParadigm is not like most consulting companies whose sales driven focus is putting any resource on any project where the sole focus is increased revenue.  We understand the frustration of losing a consultant on a project after 3 months because they found a gig that payed just slightly better.  Our consultants work for infotechParadigm because our staffing model is based on their ability to keep more of their hourly billable rate.  Much more than most other consulting companies.  As a result, our consultants stay with infotechParadigm longer and are more engaged.

Our approach is largely based on Steven Covey’s habit #2…  Begin with End In Mind.
We take the time upfront to understand what a successful end state looks like for our each of our client’s projects.  Before any contracts are signed or any SOWs are drafted, our team assesses the project from multiple areas.
Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help you to take advantage of the value of modern Oracle
server technology and cloud platforms with less risk and faster results.
With more than twenty years of transition experience, Oracle Advanced Customer Services has the
skills, delivery tools, proven methodologies and practices to deliver successful transitions of Oracle
The Transition Service can reduce the risk of a transition. It allows you to use software
more effectively and efficiently by providing:

 Transition of development, test, and production environments
 Experienced engineers to perform the transition
 Support and mentoring for a successful deployment
 Data optimizations such as compression and re-organization
infotechParadigm Advanced Customer Services is with you every step of the way through all phases of your
database transition from pretransition analysis, optimization, validation and transition testing, to
cutover. The transition is coordinated and supervised by an InfotechParadigm Technical Account Manager from
start to finish. Best of all, the transition can happen in a matter of days, not weeks, or even months that
you may expect during a typical transition.

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